360° full service for the beauty sector


For more than 30 years, YOIDA has been producing high-quality cosmetic products and body care products in Germany and is an innovative providers in the private label business - with an emphasis on hand and nail care, foot care and decorative cosmetics. YOIDA is a company in the WildeGroup and sells products in more than 90 countries worldwide. In addition to own recipes, we are also able to consider individual requirements for your label - with all of the necessary documentation. Our GMP-conform quality assurance ensures compliance with all worldwide cosmetic guidelines - including the obligatory microbiological tests.


YOIDA’s speciality lies in the development and production of light-curing resins and colour gel systems. A large number of bonding, building and sealing gels form the basis for this. In all colour gel concepts - gel, soak-off, right up to a solvent-free light-curing polish concept - we now offer our customers a wide selection in more than 200 different colours. Compliance with the EC KVO [Cosmetics Food Ordinance] and the biocompatibility of all products are the top priority. Great emphasis is placed on safety in handling the products at YOIDA.