“Beauty is our Passion”

In harmony with nature: the WildeGroup develops and produces exclusively in accordance with the company’s ethical principles. The WildeGroup does not use animal experiments.

Quality: highest biocompatibility and top quality are the cornerstones of every product development. The WildeGroup manufactures all products in accordance with the European Cosmetics Directive.

Competence: all products are developed and produced by scientists and cosmetics experts in order to meet the needs of professional service providers.

Passion: enthusiasm for cosmetics is part of LCN’s philosophy. Everyone who uses our products can sense this.

Diversity: LCN is a full-range cosmetics provider and offers concepts for all beauty-related areas.

Innovation: the WildeGroup is known for its large range of innovative products. LCN introduced the first European gel system for light-curing fingernail sculpting.