History and milestones

Where it all began …
In 1914 the Wilde family founded a dental factory of the same name in the Rheingau district of Germany. During the 1960s more than 500 employees were manufacturing synthetic products for dental prosthetics.

The idea for founding Wilde Cosmetics in 1985 evolved from the knowledge acquired. The light curing resins were used to extend and fortify fingernails. This was also the beginning of the Light Concept Nails brand, which over the years became LCN.

A further milestone in our company’s history was the acquisition of the facial care brand MONTEIL in 2006. Two well-established brands merged and MONTEIL COSMETICS INTERNATIONAL GmbH was founded under the umbrella of the WildeGroup.

To this day, the WildeGroup is an owner-managed company with 160 employees in the research, development, marketing and administration departments.

• 1914: Foundation as a dental technology company
• 1985: Further development of light-curing resins for fingernail sculpting (LCN: "Light Concept Nails")
• 1986: Bonder, Sculpture, Sealant
• 1988: 1-Phase-Gels
• 1993: Connex
• 1994: Fibrique, Nail Ground, Nail Stabilizer
• 1995: Bondique, Wilde Pedique
• 1996: Connex is combined with keratin fibres from nails
• 1998: Dermique
• 2000: Connex Plus
• Since 2003: Skin compatibility testing
• 2004: Remove & Care
• 2005: Significant reduction of heat development during the curing process
• 2006: Acquisition of MONTEIL. Foundation of the WildeGroup founded with the mission statement: “Competence in Beauty”, Wilde Pedique Plus, Active Nail Bond 1 & 2, solvent-free Orchid Nail Polish Remover
• 2009: Solution Base & Closing Gel, Building Gel, Fibrique Express Repair
• 2010: Bio Bond, approx. 200 Colour, Glitter, 3D and Glass Gels
• 2011: X-Tame, Recolution, CosmiQ
• 2012: Strategic partnership between MONTEIL and the Biotechnology Company BRAIN AG
• 2013: Supreme
• 2013: “A Life of Beauty” lifetime achievement award for Bettina Hillemacher and Michael Kalow