Mission statement

Our customers’ needs are the measure of all things and are always at the centre of our thoughts and actions. “Competence in Beauty” expresses the aspirations of the WildeGroup and its staff. Excellent product quality, the use of high-end ingredients, good skin compatibility and the continuous development of innovative, market-oriented products are top priorities for us. Individual professional consultation, continuous support and sustainability are the cornerstones of our modern, service-oriented company.

We not only see ourselves as manufacturers and sellers but also, and above all, as partners. The need for professional, up-to-date training and development in the areas of nail design, hand care, foot care, permanent make-up and facial care is reflected by our comprehensive options for basic and advanced training.

In this regard, there is something we are particularly proud of: our staff. As members of a team, they treat each other with respect and secure the company’s success. Dedication, performance and resilience are values to which our employees are committed.