About the WildeGroup

With our strong brands we always try to set new standards. We are proud to still be an owner-managed company that is characterized by a lean organization and flat hierarchies since 1985. As a modern cosmetics company we have specialized on high quality and professional beauty products-, services and education. Whether end consumer, Beauty Salon, trade partner or Private Label customer, with our 160 employees located in Oestrich-Winkel (Rhine-Main), Düsseldorf & Weiler (Austria) we are offering our customers a product range with more than 3.000 articles. We are particularly happy with our long-standing distribution partnerships overseas who are selling products in more than 60 countries.

As a strong and comprehensive Beauty Partner the WildeGroup offers concepts and solutions for all Beauty concepts from Nail-, Hand-, Foot- and Facial Care, Microdermabrasion, Mesoporation to  Permanent Make-up. Quality and the highest bio compatibility are the cornerstones in our product development. Approx. 95% of our product range is manufactured in Europe, a large part comes from our own production facilities in Germany and Austria. Through our own in-house research and development team our products are undergoing continuous development using the most upto-date technology and in line with our customers´ requirements. Scientific excellence, multilevel quality controls and innovations are the cornerstone to justify our customers high safety and quality requirements.



 Our customers needs are the measure
of all things and are always at the centre
of our thoughts and actions 

 Our customers needs are the measure of all things and are always at the centre of our thoughts and actions 

“Competence in Beauty” expresses the aspirations of the WildeGroup and its staff. Excellent product quality, the use of high-end ingredients, good skin compatibility and the continuous development of innovative, market-oriented products are top priorities for us. Individual professional consultation, continuous support and sustainability are the cornerstones of our modern, service-oriented company.

We not only see ourselves as manufacturers and sellers but rather consider ourselves a partner to our customers, regardless if you are an end consumer, Beauty Salon, trade partner or Private Label customer. Furthermore our claim for qualified education and training reflects in our comprehensive education and training opportunities in the areas of Nail Design, Hand Care, Foot Care, Permanent Make-up and Facial Care.

In this regard, there is something we are particularly proud of: our staff. As members of a team, they treat each other with respect and secure the company’s success. Dedication, performance and resilience are values to which our employees are committed.


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