Beauty is not a gift, but the sum of the natural charisma, personal style and competent care – following the philosophy of our esteemed company founder Germaine Monteil, we live and act successfully since 1936. Our passion is an all-round cosmetic care that allows the user to feel good, to achieve immediately visible results and to effectively counteract the skins ageing process. Our products convince, because when elegance meets innovation, something very special is created. The interaction of high-quality design and precious care products is a glamorous companion for timeless beauty.

It is our innermost certainty that our high impact care and individual treatments are stimulating the natural function of the skin and that a sustainable improvement of the skin becomes visible! For this belief, we at MONTEIL are working with love day by day on scientific high-end products, sustainably produced in Germany. Our team spirit will inspire you. Your daily work using our products and applications will become a successful part in your daily workflow.